Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of Yoga philosophy: Speculative and applied. All Yogic theory emerges from practice and experience. The book that fully contains and distills the ages of experience of master Yogis is The Yoga-Sūtra of Patanjali. With study in The Yoga-Sūtra, a practitioner’s practice will become full and complete.

  • The Yoga-Sūtra defines human consciousness
  • The Yoga-Sūtra proposes a progressive system for the unfolding of human consciousness
  • The Yoga-Sūtra offers a range of modalities for accessing this progressive system

In light of the above points, The Yoga-Sūtra submits human consciousness to the scientific method and stimulates high level critical thinking. The Yoga-Sūtra proposes a system that, if followed carefully over time, leads to the disappearance of the wave-making action (turbulence) in the energy field we call the mind, what we refer to, generally speculatively, as “peace of mind.”

What to do?

I’ve spent over 40 years living like a yogi frog in a well.

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