Full Moon Meditations: Taurus


Full Moon of Taurus: Wesak/Vesak, the Buddha Moon

The sign of Taurus holds special significance for humanity and its importance is observed widely in the world’s cultures.  The Hindu’s recognize the divine incarnation of Vishnu in Nandi, the Bull. Thus, for Hindus, the bull symbolizes dharma, the divine law.  The Egyptians had Apis, the sacred bull.  The Greeks saw the goddess of love’s wisdom, Aphrodite, as adorned with Taurus’ horns.  The worship of the Golden Calf by the Hebrew children at a time of crisis symbolizes humanity’s misunderstanding of the principles of prosperity and sensuality governed by Taurus.

The full moon of Taurus is called the Buddha Moon, because Gautama was born on this day, entered his Enlightenment on this day, and left his body on this day.  Some Buddhist sects assure us that the Buddha returns to bless humanity every year on this day. This day is called Wesak, derived from the Pali word “Viṣakha”, the second month of their year.


Welcome to the celebrations and attendant meditations of the Full Moon

All of the full moon celebrations are recognitions of the play of dynamic tension between two entities and two principles: the Sun and the Moon.  In full moon meditations, we, individually, and as the Earth inhabitants, join these celestial bodies in their established harmonic relationship, their vast solar dance.

The power of the moon is obvious.  If nothing else, it controls movement of the tides on earth.  This dynamic tension is essential for life.  In ancient traditions the moon was seen to symbolize the individual self or ego.

The power of the Sun is even more obvious.  Its gives us light and heat. It submerges us in important waves of energy, providing the foundations for life itself, of which photosynthesis is but one. The Sun holds the solar system in a vast balance and, in ancient traditions, symbolizes the so-called higher or eternal self.

Within the human being, we have a similar dynamic tension.  This tension would be between the Sun of our transcendent nature and the Moon of our personal proclivities.

The Full moon meditation period offers us resolution and stillness, at least for a moment, of internal and collective conflicts and allows us to transform them into clear dynamic tensions leading to yet greater harmonies.  In time, these harmonies can transform our personal lives and ripple out to affect the world.


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