Yoga Sutras Workshops

yoga sutras workshops

Yoga Sutras Workshops

Salvatore Zambito is currently teaching the following Yoga Sutras workshops. Each of the workshops can be adjusted to fit your teaching curriculum from 1 day or 2 days to 7 day duration, depending on the level of detail that your studio is seeking. Also, these workshops may be added combined into over the course of a teacher training program:

Weekend One

Weekend Two

Weekend Three

  • The Alchemy of Consciousness: Meditating our Way through the Yoga-Sūtra
  • Brahma Viharis, Yamas and Niyamas in context to Yoga

Weekend Four

  • Patañjali’s Pathways to Samādhi
  • The Unadorned Thread: The Yoga Sutra in Theory and Practice – A Comprehensive cultural presentation of the Yoga Sutra

Weekend Five

  • Shavasana Part I Relationship to Relaxation
  • Shavasana Part II Relationship to Death
  • Pranasana

Contact Us for details on scheduling and pricing for one of these or a customized workshop.