Speaking Engagements

Salvatore Zambito, yoga sutras speaking engagements
Yoga Sutras Speaking Engagements

Salvatore is available for Yoga Sutras speaking engagements and has 8 lectures currently available for your yoga studio or teaching center. Please contact us to bring any of these lectures to your location.

How Yoga can Save the World – and Why Nothing Else Can

The title says it all!

Why We Kill The Masters – the Threat of Socrates, Buddha and Jesus

If enlightenment is such a wonderful thing, why do societies murder the Masters who point the Way?

Yoga and Christianity – Conflict or Complement?

This question is the subject of great controversy in the West today. Salvatore explores both traditions in a fascinating compare and contrast exercise with some surprising plot turns. (2 hr.)

Patañjali and His Yoga Sūtras – Relevant to 21st Century Yogis?

With tens of millions of Westerners engaged in Hatha-Yoga, do Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras and Dhyāna-Yoga have anything to offer us in the 21st Century? Yes, they complete our practice – but how?

Āsana in the Yoga-Sūtra: What was Patañjali’s Position?

Three sūtras in the Yoga-Sūtra reference āsana. What were Patañjali and Svatmarama (author of the Hatha-Yoga Pradipaka) talking about?

Does āsana have the same definition in Raja-Yoga as it does in Hatha-Yoga?

Does Hatha-Yoga Support Raja-Yoga?

If “Yes,” how?

The Roadmap of Consciousness – Yoga-Sūtra and the Highway to Transformation

Salvatore uses a road map analogy to make the Yoga-Sutra immediately useful.

Find out where you are, where you are going and – how to get there!

Abhiniveśāḥ: Fear of Death – The Heart of Ignorance

The core obstruction to samādhi – from which all other obstructions arise – is avidya/ignorance.

The central ignorance is the fear of death.

The Abhiniveśāḥ (lecture) explores the question from the perspectives of the Bhagavad-Gita, the YogaSūtra, and the New Testament.

Patañjali’s Paradigm and the Cultural Origins of Yoga

In Patanjali’s Paradigm, Salvatore offers us the cultural context of Patañjali’s Yoga – Raja Yoga – the Kingly Science of the Soul.