Patanjali’s Place

patanjali's place

What to do?

I’ve spent over 40 years living like a yogi frog in a well.

My wife and friends and students have labored for years to get me into the public. OK! I surrender!

Welcome to Pantanjali’s Place

With the initiation of our new website, I will post a new written blog entry most Mondays. We are also gearing up post video blogs.

Topics will cover every aspect of Yoga. Many, initially, will be devoted to the cultural aspects of Yoga tradition and the part played by Yoga in traditional Indian society. We will investigate the areas of commonality and contrast that exist between Eastern and Western approaches to Yoga-related issues. Yoga in modern society will be examined. I will provide commentary on contemporary Yoga developments, like William Broad’s recent hatchet job, How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body, in the New York Times. I have number of book reviews in mind as well.

Comments and questions from readers and students are welcome as well.

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